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Contribute to the Polkadex Crowdloan and earn 3 PDEX for every DOT you loan!

Help Polkadex renew its parachain lease and continue the mission of revolutionizing DeFi with the CEXier DEX. You can earn some extra PDEX while doing so!

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62 - 66

Target auctions

50k DOT

Rewarded Auction Cap

96 weeks

Lease Duration


per DOT rewards

Earn Rewards

Loan your DOTs for the duration of our parachain lease and earn generous rewards!

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3 PDEX per 1 DOT

For each DOT contributed to the Polkadex Crowdloan, you get 3 PDEX.


How to contribute?

You can contribute directly via Polkadot.js as well as using your favorite wallet provider.


parallel financePolkadot{.js}
parallel financeTalisman
parallel financeNova Wallet
Polkadex Orderbook Preview

About Polkadex

Polkadex is the first project featuring an orderbook based exchange in the Polkadot ecosystem. Thanks to Polkadex’s innovative interoperability layer, THEA, Polkadex is becoming the first Cross-Chain orderbook based DEX.

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Two-chain model

The Polkadex Main Network contains all Polkadex products, including Polkadex Orderbook. It also runs THEA, which means Polkadex will soon be connected to Ethereum (and other blockchains as determined by governance in the future).

The Polkadex Main Network and the Polkadex parachain are two different networks.

The Polkadex parachain currently connects Polkadex to Polkadot and 12 of its parachains.

The two networks will be joined by Thea Connector in the backend.

Over 1,050 deposits and withdrawals between Polkadex and 6 different parachains have been processed by the Polkadex parachain via XCM.

The two networks are abstracted away in an easy-to-use interface which allows for the seamless transfer of tokens from connected parachains to Polkadex Orderbook and viceversa.

Support Polkadex!

Help Polkadex renew its lease and earn PDEX rewards!

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