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Polkadex has won a Polkadot Parachain slot!

Polkadex secured a parachain slot on Polkadot with 973k DOT ($13.8M) contributed to the Polkadex Crowdloan! Thank you to all who have contributed!

About Crowdloans;

About the Polkadex Crowdloan

A crowdloan is a way for new projects to garner the support they need to connect to the Polkadot network as a parachain.

Crowdloans Wiki

What are Parachains?

Parachains are Substrate-based interconnected blockchains, each with their own tokens and tailored to specific use cases. Polkadex is currently a Substrate-based solo-chain run by PDEX and it is aiming to be a parachain optimized for decentralized trading.

Parachains Wiki

What's the Relay Chain

The Relay Chain is the central chain that is used by the Polkadot network—its main task is to coordinate the overall system and its connected parachains.

Relay Chain Wiki


Parathreads are similar to parachains but with a pay-as-you-go model. More economical for blockchains that don’t need continuous connectivity to the network.

Parathreads Wiki


Bridges allow parachains to communicate with external networks—it's what enables Efinity to support NFTs from any blockchain.

Bridges Wiki


Secure the Relay Chain by selecting trustworty validators and staking DOT. In return, nominators are generally rewarded with a portion of the staking rewards from validators.

Nominators Wiki


Validators secure the Relay Chain by staking dots, validating proofs from collators, and participating in consensus with other validators.

Validators Wiki

Crowdloan reward distribution

Everyone who is eligible can apply for one or all bonus levels. In total there is 2M PDEX (10% of the total supply) reserved for crowdloans.

Polkadex Token Economics

General Information


Lease Period

96 weeks

Lease Duration


Auction cap

Crowdloan Reward Allocation

Base reward


2+ PDEX per 1 DOT

Base reward for all contributors to the Polkadex Crowdloan.


Polkadex NFT
Exclusive NFT

The Polkadex hero NFT is awarded to the top 1k contributors to the Polkadex Crowdloan.The ultimate emblem for proud early supporters of Polkadex, the NFT will grant holders a 20% to 50% discount* on Polkadex Orderbook trading fees.

*The discount structure may be subject to change at the time of the launch. While the NFTs will be distributed soon after Polkadex secures a parachain spot, their utility is subject to changes and will not be applied until 2023.

Vesting Terms

Vesting is the process of locking and releasing tokens after a given time.



Linear unlock (per block)

Reward calculator

Use this calculator to see the minimum PDEX base reward you will receive based on your DOT contribution.

Contribution amount
Reward amount

2.054816+ PDEX

The reward amount shown in this calculator is based on the total number of contributed DOT reaching the 973,323.6135 million DOT cap.

Polkadex Crowdloans

Token Utility

coins bag

Pay transaction and trading fees to get discounts on them


Participate in Polkadex IDOs


Participate in on-chain governance of the network

abstract validator

Become a validator of the network by staking

abstract nominator

Nominate validators and collators of the network

isometric coins

Stake PDEX to participate in THEA protocol and earn rewards for enabling deposits and withdrawals to and from Polkadex Orderbook


two chain with pokadex coin

The Polkadex network will have all Polkadex products on top of it, as well as THEA, which means it will be connected to Ethereum(and other blockchains further down the line)

Polkadex network and Polkadex parachain will be two different networksdue to the fact that THEA cannot be deployed onto the parachain for at least another year.

The Polkadex parachain will connect Polkadex to the Polkadot network and all its parachains and their respective assets.

The two networks will be joined by a Substrate to Substrate bridge(Parity technology) in the backend.

The frontend user will not see any frictionand the two networks will work as one seamless system.

The networks will have the same tokenomics and will share the PDEX token as the native token for both networks.

Crowdloan Timeline and Rules

April 5thContributions open

Join the Polkadex Crowdloan by contributing DOT via partners, exchanges and wallets.

April 5thAuction starts

Each auction takes place over the course of seven days and assigns a total slot duration of 96 weeks.

May 6Crowdloan ends

Polkadex wins Polkadot parachain slot with 973k DOT ($13.8M) contributed to the Polkadex Crowdloan!

Polkadex Crowdloan Partners

Thank you to Polkadex Crowdloan partners.

Launch Partners

parallel finance
Parallel Finance

Launch Partner

  • 4 PARA tokens per DOT
  • 1 cDOT per every DOT
Find out more
parallel finance

Launch Partner

  • 0.04 BNC tokens per DOT
  • 1 vsDOT per every DOT
Find out more
parallel finance

Launch Partner

  • 10 EQ tokens per DOT
  • 1 xDOT per every DOT
Find out more
Disclaimer:Polkadex Crowdloan Launch Partners are responsible for distributing partners rewards. Polkadex is not liable for additional partner rewards.

Token Economics & Coin Specifications

Polkadex is the first project featuring an orderbook based exchange in the Polkadot ecosystem.

9% - Founders and team

1,800,000 PDEX

7% - Seed round

1,400,000 PDEX

8% - Strategic round

1,600,000 PDEX

10.193% - Private round

2,038,600 PDEX

41% - Treasury

8,200,000 PDEX

10% - Parachain auction

2,000,000 PDEX

6.807% - Marketing, Ecosystem and Partnerships

1,361,400 PDEX

2% - Community Round

400,000 PDEX

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How can I receive my NFTs if I am one of the winners?

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