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Polkadex Orderbook Excluded Jurisdictions
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The CEXiest DEX in DeFi

The best of centralized exchanges

  • +The best of decentralized exchanges
  • -The disadvantages of both
  • =Polkadex Orderbook
Available on
Coming soon on iPhone and Android devices


Trades per second


Gas fees orders




Trading fee

Your keys, your crypto, your exchange

Polkadex Orderbook is non-custodial which means only you control your money.

No risk of security breach

Unlike CEXs, Polkadex Orderbook is the first exchange where you can hold your funds without worrying about security breaches. There’s no centralized honeypot for hackers to go after.

In other words, your funds remain safe and secure in your wallet at all times while being available for trading whenever you need them.

500k TPS per second = no speed limits

Trade crypto on a DEX that’s as fast as (if not faster than) CEXs

Capable of scaling to 500,000 trades per second, Polkadex Orderbook is non-custodial crypto trading in real time with sub-milisecond latency.

  • Cheaper
  • 0% trading fees for the first 6 months.
  • Zero gas fees.
  • No order placement/cancellation fees.
  • Limit & market orders.
  • Get the exact price you want with limit orders.
  • Market orders are executed instantly and transparently.
Truly cross-chain

Trade tokens from the following supported networks:

Through the Polkadex parachain

Polkadot and Polkadot parachains

More to come soon!

Through THEA

orderbook mockup
Better looking

“If you’re going to build a non-custodial orderbook-based DEX capable of high frequency trading, why not do it with some style?“

Interested in listing your token on Polkadex Orderbook?

All trading strategies are welcome

Let bots trade

Determine your strategy and let a robot do the rest. Integrate a bot from popular trading bot providers to automate trading!


Whether it’s an algorithm or a fund manager, delegate your assets trading to a third party while keeping control of your funds and sit back and watch your profits roll in.

Register multiple accounts

Use your desktop, phone, tablet, or any other device to register a hot wallet and trade wherever, whenever. Hot wallets allow you to trade on the go without being able to withdraw or transfer your funds to other accounts. Convenience meets security.

orderbook layout

Feel the difference

Start trading in real time with 0 gas fees


Trade anywhere, anytime

Take Polkadex Orderbook with you and trade anywhere you want with the Polkadex Mobile App

Place, modify, and cancel trades from your mobile device while your private keys remain in your air-gapped cold wallet.

Available on

Coming soon on iPhone and Android devices

How is it all possible

A unique combination of multiple state-of-the-art technologies like blockchain, Polkadot parachains, TEE, Polkadex Orderbook is at the cutting edge of innovation in DeFi.

Essentially, Polkadex Orderbook is a Layer 2 SubstraTEE (an abstraction layer for the Substrate framework of the SGX Trusted Execution Environment) scaling solution on top of the Polkadex network. Interesting fact: Polkadex is not only the first project to use the Substrate Abstraction Layer for SGX technology to build a decentralized exchange, but it is also one of the first use cases of this technology in general.

Isometric Illustration with Polkadex, Kilt, IFPS, Polkadot.js and SGX Logos

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