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Polkadex Journey

We started our journey with the idea of bringing the best DeFi experience to users and keep moving closer to our goal with each step.

Q3 2023


Structured Products

Parachain listings on Polkadex Orderbook

Q2 2023

Code Audit of Solochain, Orderbook

Crowdloan Rewards (Early Q2)

Bridge with Polkadot - Mainnet

Integration with Trading Bots and Market Makers

Q1 2023

Thea Bridge with Polkadot - Internal Testnet

XCM Channels with Parachain - Testnet

Code Audit of Parachain & Thea

Crowdloan Rewards Pallet - Awaiting Audit

Parachain listings on Polkadex

Q4 2022

Mobile App Public Testnet

Polkadex Orderbook Mainnet

Q3 2022

Orderbook Testnet with Withdrawals

Cross Chain Transfer of test tokens to trade

Q2 2022

THEA Public Testnet

PolkaIDO* Public Testnet

Polkadex secures Polkadot’s parachain slot

Open Beta Program

Polkadex Orderbook Public Testnet*

Q1 2022

PolkaIDO Beta

PolkaIDO Public Testnet

Polkadex Crowdloan Campaign

Polkadex Orderbook Beta*

Q3-Q4 2021

Mainnet Launch

ERC20 to native PDEX migration

Launch of Private Beta Tester Program

Parachain Strategy Development

Q1-Q2 2021

Public Sale

Testnet V2.0 Launch

Testnet V3.0 Launch

Security Audit

Q4 2020

Website Launch

Whitepaper Release

Testnet V1.0 Launch

SAFT based Token PreSale

Q3 2020

Web3 Milestone #1

Refactoring Polkadex Engine

Code Documentation

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