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Stake your PDEXand earn 24.54% APY

Make your PDEX work for you and enjoy passive income. Stake your PDEX to secure the Polkadex network and earn daily rewards!


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PDEX Staked


Active Validators

How does it work?

As a proof of stake (PoS) blockchain, the Polkadex network incentivizes token holders to secure the network via PDEX staking.

Nominators delegate their PDEX to validators who run the network on devices distributed around the world. Validators, who keep the network running and ensure it remains secure, earn daily PDEX rewards and they distribute them proportionately among their respective nominators.

Great rewards

Become a Nominator by delegating your PDEX


APY 24.54%

The easiest way to get daily PDEX rewards

Choose a set of validators you trust

Get daily rewards paid out by your validator

Learn how to stake PDEX as nominator
Max rewards

Become a Validator


Average APY 26.62%

Maximize your rewards

Run a validator node

Get nominations

Charge commissions from your nominators

Run a Validator Node

Earn PDEX rewards for keeping the Polkadex network secure

Staking PDEX means earning rewards for directly contributing to the security and decentralization of the Polkadex network. Through staking, PDEX holders are incentivized to behave in honest ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

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